CAST Inductor 12 awg Pure Silver

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The Duelund inductors are our uncompromising take on inductors.The construction builds on the foundation of our foil design but does so with the addition of a proprietary WPIO dielectricum which necessitates several days of impregnation under high pressure.

This creates a form with incredible damping properties giving a mechanical stability hitherto unheard of.  This stability is then further augmented by a rigorous casting proces, keeping the inductor perfectly stable.

On top of this casting proces, a ring of hard pressed paper strengthens the damping properties of the design helping music flow effortlessly.

The Duelund CAST Inductor is simply without peers.

Available as pure copper or pure silver.
Standard sizes 0.01 mH – 6.6 mH other values available on request.


Please note special order item - currently long delivery times due to material supply issues.