0.47uF CAST PP (polypropylene)

0.47uF CAST PP (polypropylene)

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Conductive foil Polypropylene film
Lead out type Ø 0.8mm tinned copper
Tolerance +/- 5%
Size Ø 18mm, H 28mm





CAST PP polypropylene capacitors 250 volts for loudspeaker, power supply or electronic use.

Duelund CAST PP capacitors and CAST PP / Silver are the perfect combination of high performance, impressive sound and an affordable pricepoint. Just like their famous brothers the pure metal foil WPIO Duelund CAST, which were designed as audio capacitors from the very
beginning, these audio capacitors made from polypropylene provide a great synergy between low, mid and high frequencies. They will allow you to enjoy your music with ease no matter what genre you are listening to.